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Montefolchi Merlot di Toscana 2006

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Montefolchi This wine draws its origin from an ancient etruscan settlement dating 700 years B.C. It is obtained mainly from Merlot . Grey rocky terrains situated at an altitude of 450 mt. above sea level yield this kind of nectar with a very fine scent, a very soft and velvety flavour that sometimes remembers little red fruit (like raspberry or blackcurrant) or tobacco. It ages in oak barrels from Allier for 12 months, then 12 months in the bottle. Excellent with tuscan salami, gnocchi and tagliatelle with hare sauce, grilled pork and beef, roast chicken, and duck. We suggest to drink it not before the third year, though it can be preserved for 8/10 years. It was produced for the first time in 1995. Wine produced annually: 3,000 bottles Serving temperature: 18-20 °C


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Montefolchi Merlot di Toscana 2006

Montefolchi Merlot di Toscana 2006